Discovering Nagorno Karabakh

Hey Adventurers,
After many excursions all over the Caucasian Mountains we have just returned from our most adventurous Trek Expedition in Armenia’s Black Garden; Nagorno Karabakh and we have many stories to tell you.


When you don’t have a selfie stick and you stand on a bombed tank in Nagorno Karabakh.


But first Why Nagorno Karabakh?

Nagorno Karabakh has been for long a contested land fought over by many waring nations. Nonetheless, the country and its people maintained a distinct identity defiant of all.

Located in the southeastern part of the Caucasus, its landscape consists of rugged mountains standing high and proud like its people.

It’s rivers have been flowing for centuries to Artsakh valley forming canyons and astonishing valleys.

Its natural environment is pristine, unspoiled by human industry making it perfect habitat for diverse wild life.

Its people are generous, kind, proud, and hold on tight to their traditions.

A land that stands proud defiant of its challenging surrounding, a land that is inhabited by unique people who know the meaning of freedom, who are constantly flourishing in its amazing unspoiled nature, a land with many secrets waiting to be discovered makes Nagorno Karabakh our favorite destination.

Our adventure expedition to Artsakh also known as Nagorno Karabakh had many highlights starting from passing Armenian Artsakh borders, to overlooking the Iranian border on the south and Azerbaijan border on the North.
Living with locals in bombed villages and sleeping in the most ancient forgotten ones. Driving old soviet jeep even though we broke almost every piece off this tough car. Losing our licence plate in the middle of old gorilla fighters’ road where nobody drove for years. Passing by minefields and swimming in hot springs surrounded by high mountains.

We will never finish writing how great this expedition was in one blog, so stay tuned to read more about our adventures to Artsakh.



The interior of a shiite mosque protected by state of Nagorno Karabakh.



We are mountains known as Tatik and Papik (grandpa and grandma) the icon of proud Artsakh people.



Lost in Nagorno Karabakh without a licence plate.



Like the rainbow after the storm, Freedom come after the war.



When you don’t know what is more broken; the car, the garage or you, this means that you are in a crazy adventure.


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See you on the Wild-Trails

Gilad Sade

Writing and photography  by Gilad Sade

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