Urbex in Tbilisi- Exploring the underground KGB tunnels

Gilad Sade

Photojournalist - Documentarist - Radio Correspondent

Build and dug by slaves, used by K.G.B. as interrogation rooms and dark detention cell, planed as bunkers and left as is, the hidden darkest secrets of Tbilisi are just under the tourist radar and right behind the busiest part of the city. Several dozen abandoned Soviet bunkers and tunnels are scattered all over Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
My head lamp beam tried to illuminate the darkness through the thick haze of the tunnels and with every breath come some concern of different theories. It was unavoidable after we sneak over waste pile along sewage water and walking into the darkness without maps or any idea what we gonna find inside.

After more than 20 trips  to  Georgia, this last visit was exceptionally unusual.
After an amazing adventure in Nagorno Karabakh, I went for a connection transfer to Tbilisi air.
Itching for some more  adventure, I went looking for one and opportunity appeared.
You see, I always wanted to find tunnels but failed on the first attempts. But my mind was restless and I kept thinking about  the stories of those who survived the K.G.B. interviews and sufferred from the Soviet Union occupation.

At 4PM,  I got another chance. I met 3 strangers who were into this mad idea. We all visited the first bunker and we ended up just 2 adventurers, discovering the second abandoned Soviet bunker and the most dangerous place for travelers  in the city.
While exploring the abandoned Soviet bunkers and tunnels in Tbilisi we found drug addicts shelters, open electricity cables  full with dangerous obstacles.

Exploring abandoned places gives us a view into the past and teaches us lessons about life and about ourselves, hence the importance of preserving such places for the next generations.
If you decide to look for abandoned sites, you must know its dangerous and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Always wear long clothes, full shoes and breathing mask. Head lamp with extra batteries are a must, don't forget water with some snacks and be ready with some self protection items.
Behave wise, don't touch anything and leave everything as it was. This post is not to give a piece of advice but it's a reflection from my own experience.

If you go for this mad idea, you do it on your risk

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