Best 3 Nagorno Karabakh Travel Tips

If you consider yourself a real explorer than Nagorno Karabakh is the destination you must visit!
This country that officially doesn’t exist is de facto state located in southern Caucasus, sharing the borders with Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Since 2015 I’ve been traveling and living in Arstakh that known as Nagorno Karabakh, from the very far villages in the mountains to the Capital Stepanakert I’ve seen it all. Falling in love with Artsakh was easy and everyone who joined my expeditions there had this too.
In this post I’m giving my best 3 Nagorno Karabakh travel tips which are only about the way you can travel it and get the best experience!

This is one of a kind Backpacking destination! ready to explore?

Tip NO 1:
Get a Russian made jeep, the roads can be really bad and Russian made jeep will open for you more opportunities. My favorite is, Lada Niva, it’s cheap, strong and reliable. Comfort is not the strongest side of this car.

My friends and my broken Lada Niva in a gorilla road somewhere in Kashatakh region.

Tip NO 2:
Drink local vodka and drink it with locals. No need to explain more, you will figure it out once you have been there…

Drinking homemade vodka in some of the very remote villages in Nagorno Karabakh.

Tp NO 3:
Don’t sleep in a hotel, Nagorno Karabakh is better to explore by sleeping in a local homestay, you will have a look into this amazing society that is isolated but not primitive.

Abulik and hes family near their house in the Village of Hanzazor.

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