9 Photos That Show Kosovo’s Football Fans

These 9 photos show the way Kosovo’s football fans are. I captured these photos after the football match between Kosovo and Montenegro ended. For Kosovo people, there are two important goals to win this game: One on a sport level and the second is on the local conflict level.
Since the war in Kosovo and the pressure of Serbia against the new state, the people of Kosovo are still waiting for the full recognition of UN but they was close than ever to get into the Euro-cup. Even today after they missed their chance to get into the Eurocup 2020 qualifications Kosovars are happy for hosting England, one of the most important teams in the world.
Nevertheless, their journey continues for the League of Nations.

Sending heart to the players
Mergim Vojvoda
Kosovo Soccer player
Samir Ujkani
Kosovo’s goalkeeper take selfie together with young fans

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