Tusheti The Wildest Corner Of Georgia

Bordered with Dagestan and Chechnia, Tusheti is one of the wildest places in Georgia. Its beauty was hidden, but the recent grow of tourism in the Caucasian republic of Georgia opened this remote mountains for more Explorers and Adventures.
For me it is almost 10 years of exploring Caucasian Mountains and even though I've been in many corners and republics in Caucasus, this one is one of the most memorable places for me.
The road to Tusheti is considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the world
I took this photos while guiding one of my jeep expeditions to Tusheti.
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Featured photo: Waiting for the opening of the road after its collapse (Regular issue)

Local shepherd we met on the way to Tusheti
Photography: Gilad Sade
The main reason that the road to Tusheti is considered as one of the world's most dangerous roads is the tiny way between cliffs and valleys.
Photography: Gilad Sade
Dictator Stalin's portrait in one of the Georgian's highlanders house.
Photography: Gilad Sade
Fixing the road to Tusheti
Photography: Gilad Sade
local shepherds in Tusheti are living in a small houses during the spring and the summer only, most of them are going back to the valleys for the winter.
Photography: Gilad Sade
Break for washing the face during the long drive to Tusheti
Photography: Gilad Sade
Waiting for fixing the road
Photography: Gilad Sade

Photography info:
Captured: 2015
Camera used for this shoot: Canon G16

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