The Bombing of Ghazanchetsots cathedral in Shushi

Photo of the bombing of Shushi's cathedral in republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh).

On October 8th, Shushi cathedral have been bombed twice by the Azeri Army.
Tigran Zanyac, a 35 years old Armenian who is Working as the gardener of the cathedral witness the attack. He said, I came to the cathedral to check the garden and 3 missiles pass above me, one hits the church. My knees shakes and I'm lucky that I survived this.

In the middle: Tigran Zanyac, the gardener of the cathedral who witness the attack.

The cathedral in Shushi have build between 1868 and 1887. In the first Karabakh. Azerbaijani forces used the church as a ammunition storage.

later this day there have been another attack, on person have been injured.

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The Bombing of Ghazanchetsots cathedral in Shushi

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