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Travel-Warning archive is a collection of photos and videos from a various of conflict zones or adventure and travel related.


My name is Gilad Sade and I’m an adventure travel and geopolitical photographer and filmmaker.

For the past 10 years I’m capturing and documenting high quality of photos and videos from my adventure travels and exploration of far destinations, remote mountains, abandoned buildings and conflict zones.

Travel-Warning archive is a life project which include photos and videos that are hard to get. I’m a nomad and I was lucky enough to live in a various of conflict zones, get good contact with the people who lives there and follow them as they leaded me into a unique and unexplored places which are open just for the locals.
My main focus last years was mostly post USSR, Yugoslavian and Middle Eastern destinations.
Beside the geopolitical content I own a large collection of travel and adventure photos and videos.

Contact me and get access to a unique archive that is rare to find.

Gilad Sade