9 Photos That Show Kosovo’s Football Fans

These 9 photos show the way Kosovo’s football fans are. I captured these photos after the football match between Kosovo and Montenegro ended. For Kosovo people, there are two important goals to win this game: One on a sport level and the second is on the local conflict level.Since the war in Kosovo and theContinue reading “9 Photos That Show Kosovo’s Football Fans”

Best 3 Nagorno Karabakh Travel Tips

If you consider yourself a real explorer than Nagorno Karabakh is the destination you must visit!This country that officially doesn’t exist is de facto state located in southern Caucasus, sharing the borders with Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan.Since 2015 I’ve been traveling and living in Arstakh that known as Nagorno Karabakh, from the very far villagesContinue reading “Best 3 Nagorno Karabakh Travel Tips”

Abandoned Tbilisi- Exploring the underground KGB tunnels

Care to join me in an adventure? Build and dug by slaves, used by K.G.B. as interrogation rooms and dark detention cell, planed as bunkers and left as is, the hidden darkest secrets of Tbilisi are just under the tourist radar and right behind the busiest part of the city.

Discovering Nagorno Karabakh

Hey Adventurers, After many excursions all over the Caucasian Mountains we have just returned from our most adventurous Trek Expedition in Armenia’s Black Garden; Nagorno Karabakh and we have many stories to tell you.