Tusheti The Wildest Corner Of Georgia

Bordered with Dagestan and Chechnia, Tusheti is one of the wildest places in Georgia. Its beauty was hidden, but the recent grow of tourism in the Caucasian republic of Georgia opened this remote mountains for more Explorers and Adventures.

The Magic Of Nagorno Karabakh’s Winter

The land of Artsakh known as the self-declared territory of Nagorno Karabakh, have its special beauty. While very few travellers are visiting its mountains at the summertime. Almost nobody is exploring the montentous region during the winter. And yes, this is not an easy traveling destination if you travel off the beaten path, or especiallyContinue reading “The Magic Of Nagorno Karabakh’s Winter”

Best 3 Nagorno Karabakh Travel Tips

If you consider yourself a real explorer than Nagorno Karabakh is the destination you must visit!This country that officially doesn’t exist is de facto state located in southern Caucasus, sharing the borders with Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan.Since 2015 I’ve been traveling and living in Arstakh that known as Nagorno Karabakh, from the very far villagesContinue reading “Best 3 Nagorno Karabakh Travel Tips”