Expedition to Nagorno Karabakh

Expedition to the Unknown Nagorno-Karabakh – The Black Mountainous Garden.

Join me as we dive deeper in the most Wild, Unknown places in Nagorno-Karabakh!

Nagorno-Karabakh is my absolute favorite place to visit, which is why I keep coming back. This region is beautiful, and those who live in it are the kindest, warmest people I’ve met. I’ve built this tour with the purpose of sharing my love for this land that has kept its spirit despite the many conflicts.

As someone who travels in Karabakh regularly and is connected to the local people, I have the opportunity to visit places that most tourists cannot enter. This is not a traditionally organized tour but a true journey to the heart of the land and its people.

Forget about sanitary rules, this is not the European Union and for sure far away from the influence of the United States of America, here you will have your food without hormones, without pesticides, you will taste the products of the mountainous gardens, drink your milk straight from the cows and quench your thirst directly from springs flowing from the great mountains of Artsach.


Forget about asphalt, Karabakh roads are not for the faint hearted. Driving a soviet jeep above high cliffs in roads that will give you a routinely vertigo is the norm.  Here you will have to hold on to your chair, watch out for your head and expect a flat tire in the middle of nowhere anytime.
Once the engine is turned on and the gas is pushed, you will hear the tunes of local music mixed with the squeaking noise of the simple cars that never fail you.

Forget about bullshit propaganda, this place is safer than New York and Paris, cleaner than London and Berlin. Here, the people survived war and learned the meaning of real freedom the hard way and will show you real happiness and a significant life.

Forget about the comfort of hotels. This adventure includes sleeping in the middle of bombed ancient villages.  Just hope you are lucky enough to catch one of the beds in the room, otherwise your spot on the floor or the sofa is guaranteed. Here the camping nights will fix your spine deformities from too much sitting in front of a screen.

Forget about being a tourist or even a hard core backpacker, join Wild-Trails for pure excursions in Nagorno Karabakh and travel like a NATIVE.

Day 1:
 We will meet in the morning in Yerevan; the capital of Armenia, get to know one another, finalize our Visa’s to Nagorno-Karabakh, socialize with the locals while having a taste of Armenian nightlife.

Day 2: We will receive our Soviet cars and cross Armenia’s highway that leads to Iran overlooking Ararat Mountain where Noah’s Ark grounded; passing near the Nakhichevan border.
We will spend the night in a village in Kashatagh region enjoying the company of the locals.

Day 3: We will drive north passing the border to Hadrut region right after visiting an ancient church reaching the farthest and wildest villages in Nagorno karabakh.

Day 4: We will climb the third highest mountain in Nagorno Karabakh. Then we will drive to Hadrut and enjoy the beauty this town has to offer. We will drive to an ancient village sleeping in traditional houses built thousands of years ago.

Day 5: After the breakfast, we will drive to Azokh cave, then continue to see a  tree that is more than two thousand years old.  From there, we will drive to Shushi, then to Stepanakert. We will spend the night in the city.

Day 6: We will drive to the ancient ruins of Tigranakert then to the thirteenth century Gandzasar Monastery. We camp the night by the Wall of License Plates which were abandoned by Azeris during the war.

Day 7: We will drive to the Hot Springs of Pokr Jekmajaur in Shahumian region of Nagorno Karabakh passing the memorial of tanks and the sandstone memorials of the Armenian fighters who lost their lives during the two wars. Traveling to DadiVank and passing via the bombed tunnel. We will pass the highest inhabited village in Karabakh.

Day 8: We will visit the monastery of Tsar which was built in 1301 and deliberately destroyed by Azerbaijan during the Soviet era.  Then we passing Sevan lake; the highest in the world.  We finish the day in Yerevan.

Day 9: We will drink Armenian coffee and share our stories, say goodby and fly back home.

-> Visit North and the South of Karabakh
-> Visit North and South of Armenia
-> Hardcore off-roading
-> Staying in Ancient Bombed Villages
-> Visiting Autarky Self- Sufficient Farms
-> Tending for Animals.
-> Swimming in the Hot Springs of Karabakh
-> Visit to Stepanakert; the capital.
-> Trekking the highest 3rd summit.
-> Visits to churches, monasteries, and mosques.
-> Traditional cooking workshops.
-> Caving in prehistoric cave.
-> Visiting Bazaar in the Caucasus.
-> Visiting Sevan lake; the highest in the world
-> Meeting the locals and learning about Armenian culture
-> Camping in most beautiful areas in Nagorno-Karabakh

The expedition’s plan is subject to changes depending on the weather and political situation in the region.

Contact me for more details

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