My secret project

launching my secret project



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So corona-virus ruined my plans and my tour company for 2020, and for a moment I got depressed.
And yes, I had few nights when I couldn’t sleep, and I was disturbed in general. So I paused my travel plans for 2020.

In every crisis there are opportunities, and the most important thing I learned in my very usual life story is: be busy and push forward especially when it’s feel that everything is dark.

So I took the world’s crisis and my personal challenges into a time of looking inside and creating.

And for me it was also a chance to dive into my biggest personal art work ever.
So after 5 years of hard work, thousand of km in the wild trails and remote mountains, hundreds of vodka glasses and few broken cameras. Honestly I’m really excited.

And even if I can’t publish the details right now I can tell you that it is worth to stay tuned.

Attend to the event to be the first who gets to know.

See you soon!