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Travel-Warning is an unconventional travel provider, leading culture and conflict experiences that connect people.  We build cultural bridges and sustainability systems in conflict zones and remote areas around the world. Our scope covers Israel and the West Bank, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and more. Travel-Warning was established with the aim of providing unforgettable, meaningful experiences to anyone who wants to travel and make a positive impact when exploring the world.


At Travel-Warning we don’t let borders stop us from working with anyone. We know travel and cooperation have the power to solve conflicts.


As explorer who live in the places I travel I got lots of connections and helpful tips for your travel. This service is perfect for those who want to travel safe and organized but having the option to be flexible.

Experience With Locals

Experience with locals is our way to connect you with real people explore the world with thous who know it the best and sleep in their house

Explore the world with us!