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Travel Warning Book

Travel Warning Book is a collection from different documentary photography project, includes over 10 years of documentary work in different conflict zones around the world.

The Book:

The Travel-Warning documentary project first started as a photo exhibition. But it turned into a book after the corona pandemic outbreak into our lives.

The exhibition been in the middle of a tour across post-conflict zones that are captured in the photos, that first started in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, with the plan to extend into other destinations around Europe. It also been the first art exhibition that took place within the same week, in Prishtina and North Mitrovica, with a majority of Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbian populations, respectively. Kosovo is a multi-ethnic country located in the southern Balkans. Unfortunately, it is still widely renowned for the 1999 war and the existing ethnic tensions, whilst its greatest beauty remains yet unknown.


The first edition of the book is limited for only 500 copies Every book is individually numbered and signed.

All book covers of this edition are hand printed by the author.

It assembles 140 pages with over 100 photos from different conflict zones around the world and positive messages to the world.

148*210mm with soft cover (you can take it as an inspiring guidebook in your next travel)

The mission:

The mission of this photography project is to break the stereotypes, connect people and communities and open our eyes to conflict regions around the world.

I believe that traveling is a great way to build bridges between cultures. By breaking the borders of the mind while traveling to places that seem forbidden, we can make people better understand the world and support marginalized communities.

This photo book will take you into a journey, from the little-known or even unknown lands of Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh, and Transnistria, to the world’s most famous conflict area of Israel and Palestine, where Gilad grew up, and, finally to the Balkans where Gilad lives today.

With exceptional cultural heritage and uniqueness, bursting with resources, discovered by few and mysterious for the rest of the world, these places tell the most interesting story of the collapsed USSR, the heart of the Middle East, and a flavor of the Balkan at post Youslavia.


This book is a work of many years, capturing the photos that in the book or filming the documentary stories in this regions, often made me risk my life. Ether traveling in a places that are dangerous for Israeli passport holders, being in an ongoing conflict zones, joining deminers in their important work to clean UXO (Unexploded Ordnance), or being in a clashes between demonstrators and riot police. Every time when I worked in such places I had many factors to be aware of, in order to be safe and still get the story done.


Some of my friend says, that looking at me traveling a conflict zones and remote mountains makes it looks easy. The truth is that people are missing the challenges behind the scenes. In remote places everything can go wrong or perfect depends on little factors.
Transportation, Electricity, Services, Internet, Equipment and on the top of everything medical care. All this and more can be a challenging issues and make documentary projects way more complicated.

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