Black Lives Matter

For the first time, Israel’s Ethiopian community stood up and blocked Israel, in demand for justice and equality.

But more than that, they demanded to stop the police’s violation of human rights and the violence towards black people.

The protests began after another black teenager was murdered by a police officer by “mistake”.

I’m so sad to see the young generation who feels despair and uses violence at the protests but I love them and hope for their best.

Protests are not fun and sweet and shouldn’t involve violence. But protests are the main tool of citizens to spread their voices.

Discrimination and racism is a sickness and we have to fights against it all.

At the photos, the protests last week in Beer Sheva Israel.

From the documentation of Israel’s court, looks like this police officer was involved (unless there are two police officers with the same name at the same unit) in another case that happened on 2006 where a Palestinian man where murdered by “mistake”.

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