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My name is Gilad Sade and I’m an independent explorer, photo journalist and documentary filmmaker!
For a years I committed my life into a long term documentary projects in a conflict zones and abandoned landscape.
My goal is to observe the life and realty in this forgotten destinations and capture unexpected stories in order to reflect the stories that remain unknown.

Working on a long term projects help me to get photos and videos that are hard to get in a few days travel. Its give me the option to follow up the stories and see the progress and changes. Get good contact with the people who live there and build trust, and follow them as they led me into their life or a unique and unexplored places that are accessible just for the locals.

My main focus in the last years was mostly post USSR, Yugoslavian, and Middle Eastern destinations.

The processes of creating documentaries and working on telling such stories is a time consuming, cost a lot, risky and sometimes dangerous.

By supporting financially my research and work, you enable me to generate funds that cover the cost and help me be focus of the most important thing, telling the stories.

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