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Warsaw Street Photography

June in Warsaw the capital of Poland sims to be instanced.
The sunny days after the quarantine and before the national election, broth the people to the streets and not only for fun.

Nagorno Karabakh traditional food: Jingalovhats

There is one dish that really symbolize Artsakh’s (Nagorno Karabakh) traditional food, the Jingalovhats. Fenya Safaryan is making Jingalovhats since 10 years and her shop is known as the top Jingalovhats place in Ngorno Karabakh’s capital. I met her at her Jingalovhats shop and learned about this amazing food that’s good even for vegans. She […]

Life Behind The Conflict – Nagorno Karabakh

Click the CC button for subtitles The first short documentary, I made about Republic of Artsakh (known as Nagorno Karabakh) after 3 years of traveling and following the progress of of the unrecognized Republic. After exploring almost every corner of this conflict zone where very few travel. At summer 2018 I moved to live there […]

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