Travel Warning Photo Exhibition

Travel Warning is a tool for a governments to prevent tourism in conflict zones and disputed areas. By using this tool, governments can manipulate the minds of their citizens in order to change their views. Gilad Sade, a documentary photographer and filmmaker who grew up in a conflict zone and experienced the true pain of war, travels to many destinations around the globe and documents the real life behind the news. Gilad also organizes expeditions to these countries, and gives people a realistic experience of the places many people are afraid to explore.
The aim of this project is to connect between people and to open their eyes to conflict regions.
Gilad believes that traveling is a great way to build bridges between cultures. By breaking borders of the mind and traveling to places that seem to be forbidden, we allow people to understand the world better and support marginalized communities.

This photo exhibition will take you to the unrecognized lands of Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh, and Transnistria, to the world’s most famous conflict area of Israel and the Palestinian authorities where Gilad grew up, and to a few more conflict zones. With exceptional culture. Bursting with resources. Discovered by few. Mysterious for the rest of the world. These places tell the most interesting story of the collapsed USSR, the heart of the Middle East, and a flavor of the Balkan.

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