Whether locked in a protracted conflict, avoided, neglected, or abandoned, forgotten destinations have mystical beauty and many stories to tell. So are you ready for a strong brain jolt, cuz I will be taking you to places where all the rules are different.

When I was teenager I use to be a racist, during the past years I traveled and still travel a lot. I want to share with you what traveling looks like for me.

Since I started exploring the world I found myself friend with those who supposed to be my enemies, I discovered the love in my heart and pushed hate from my behavior.

My name is Gilad Sade and grew in a conflict zone but I travel many destinations around the world. I do not count the number of states I’ve been to because I don’t believe in borders.
I’m here to tell you the stories of unknown and forgotten destinations, of pure adventure and amazing people.
Join me in my journey and see how traveling can change the world.

Reading my blogs, viewing my photos, or watching my videos is not enough. To get the true taste of my adventures, you can to join one of my expeditions!

See you on the Wild-Trails