Gilad Sade

Photojournalist - Documentarist - Radio Correspondent
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How Israeli far-right terror group got into the parliament by abusing kids? How do these organizations operate? Who are their recruits and their leaders? What is daily life like for their members? How can one leave them behind and what´s the price defectors pay? These are just a few among the several questions I answer in this Lecture.




From the front of the lens to the camera's viewfinder

How I learned journalism by being the protagonist when I was a lost teenager and a member of a far-right group? And how the camera viewfinder gave me the strength to fight hate, racism, and disinformation.

Travel warning – Tourism as a bridge in conflict and post-war zone

How traveling can shape our view and open us for new cultures, create better future and when it became dark tourism? How travel warnings can be used politically? and what I learned as an expedition leader, working in post war zones and disputed regions?