Gilad Sade

Photojournalist - Documentarist - Radio Correspondent

I’m here to collect the stories of unknown and forgotten destinations, pure adventure, and amazing people.

Selected Stories

Zman by The Times of Israel
Boiling Point: In the shadow of Nagorno Karabakh's blockade, a third war is only a matter of time

The Peace Process in the Basque Country

The Immigration trap of Iranians in search of safety

Armenia fears genocide amid Azeri invasion of Syunik

The village was banished but the new settlers had to flee

Art in the circle of violence

Refusing to be enemies, the feminists' role in Balkan peace

Ukraine War: 4 months into the war

Ukraine War: Zelenskyy's foreign legion

Ukraine War: 3 weeks at the border of the EU

The Independent:
Family leaves Lebanon to start new life, only to find themselves stuck in a war on Europe’s borders

Hospital Bombed by Azerbaijan, a Town Deserted. IN PHOTOS: The War in Nagorno-Karabakh

Jot Down:
From being one more to being oneself

New Lines Magazine:
How a beloved wine label became a victim of the Armenia-Azerbaijan war


How I grew up in hatred and learned to get rid of it

Gazeta Wyborcza / Duży Format:
Andrzej Piaseczny: President Duda motivated me to come out

Andrzej Piaseczny: Coming out today is a matter of decency

Kosovo 2.0:
Marina Abramović marks homecoming with Belgrade retrospective


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