Gilad Sade

Photojournalist - Documentarist - Radio Correspondent

Open for bookings: 2023

Broken Home Beloved Home is a documentary photo exhibition by Israeli born photojournalist Gilad Sade, on 2019 Gilad has exposed in a documentary film "Best Unkept secret" by Ilan Mizrahi about his life, how he and his mom were exploited by far right Rabbi Meir Kahane his terror group. During the years prior to the film, Gilad a former member of the far right became a journalist focusing on human-rights. For many years, Gilad became a shelter for far right neo kahanist members that looked for a way out of the brutal community. He conducted investigations and spoke up againt the a abuse of minors. When he realised his life is in danger he fled his country. The exhibition is a collection of pictures Gilad captured in Israel and Palestain. It includes pictures of the conflict, life and adventure travels in his home.

Broken Home
Beloved home

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